The 2012 NLN Conference

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We had a great time down in Dallas at the 2012 NLN Conference. For everyone who had a chance to stop by our booth, thanks for coming out and it was great seeing you! If you didn’t get the chance to get over to the Solaris booth, or if you couldn’t make it to the conference, here are some pictures of the team and the booth, courtesy Ignacio Alvarez. Thanks!

Almost set-up!


Tom, Director of Product Development and Strategic Planning, and Dan, Director of Sales, help to set up the booth space


Bob, Southeast Product Representative, talks with a visitor

Paul, Northeast Product Representative, shows a visitor ReadyWrap in the new Beige color

Dave, Director of Marketing, and Brett, IT Coordinator, show how Solaris3D works

Jianne, Director of Design, shows a visitor a 3D scan on one of our tablets

The Solaris Team: (from left to right); Row 1: Brett, Cacee, Tom; Row 2: Dan, Liz, Kathy, and Steph; Row 3: Dave, Jianne, Paul, Amber, and Bob

The team strikes a pose! Can’t wait for the next NLN!


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