The Lymphedema Treatment Act has been reintroduced!

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Yesterday the Lymphedema Diagnosis and Treatment Cost Saving Act of 2011, HR 2499, was reintroduced!

The Lymphedema Treatment Act has garnered some important endorsements from the American Cancer Society, the American Physical Therapy Association, and the American Occupational Therapy Association, but it will still need your help to pass. Please support this important legislation by writing to your members of Congress and spreading the word to everyone you know. You’ll find submission forms and pre-written letters on, so you can help shape history in only a matter of minutes!

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2 Responses to The Lymphedema Treatment Act has been reintroduced!

  1. Carol Turley says:

    I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 1999. With 12 malignant lympy nodes, a Stem Cell Transplant was necessary.. Four and one-half years later I developed lymphedema in the affected right arm. I am right-handed. My Cancer was in my right breast, therefore, the affected arm is my right dominant arm. The ABILITY TO CARE FOR MYSELF and “brush my own hair and teeth is essential for my wellbeing.
    Without lymphedema products I would be alive but unable to care for myself.

    The last event with my lymphadema affected arm was a been bee sting on the affected hand, and 3-day hospital for IV antibiotics to prevent me from loosing my arm.

    When released from the hospital, Occupational Therapy continued my care as an outpatient to get my arm reduced to almost normal size (it was 3 times normal size). My arm is almost back to normal now, I can care for myself. Occupational Therapy selected and ordered the compression garments that I need and the home pump that my husband and I together can use every night to keep the swelling down in my arm.

    I am a retired Registered Nurse, and I feel that I know the Health Care System pretty well. In the not so distant past, Breast Cancer killed most all of its victims, I know that I would have been one of those victims if my cancer had occured 10 or 20 years ago. More and more of us are surviving now. The cost would be astronomical to taxpayers like myself to care for all of the suvivors in a nursing home because those survivors can’t manage simple activities of daily living.

  2. Dave Dave says:

    We’re glad to hear that you’re doing well today Carol! Thanks for sharing your incredible story and your insight into the Health Care System with us!

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