Our Goodwill

At Solaris, we know the importance of being an active member of our community. That’s why we're committed in our efforts to give back to the people in the markets we serve. It all begins by communicating with therapists, patients, activists, fitters, and doctors to determine how we can all work together to better serve our communities. Below are just some examples of our commitments:



American Lymphedema Framework ProjectAmerican Lymphedema Framework Project

Developed under the leadership of experts and investigators in the field of lymphedema, the ALFP, a partner of the International Lymphoedema Framework, strives to evaluate and advance the quality of lymphedema care.



International Lymphoedema FrameworkInternational Lymphoedema Framework

Working in partnership with organizations worldwide, the ILF's goal is to improve the management of lymphoedema and related disorders.



Lighthouse Lymphedema NetworkLighthouse Lymphedema Network

The LLN is a non-profit dedicated to promoting lymphedema awareness, support, and education. Every year they hold an annual Lymphedema Education and Awareness Day in Georgia which we're happy to help support.



Lymphatic Education & Research NetworkLymphatic Education & Research Network (LE&RN)

LE&RN's mission is to fight lymphatic disease and lymphedema through education, research and advocacy. For nearly two decades, LE&RN has fought to accelerate the prevention, treatment and cure of the disease while bringing patients and medical professionals together to address the unmet needs surrounding lymphatic disorders.



Lymphedema Treatment ActLymphedema Treatment Act

Formaly known as HR 4662, the Lymphedema Treatment Act was created to provide diagnosis, education, and treatment for everyone with or at risk for lymphedema among other things. It is currently awaiting reintroduction to the 112th Congress and needs your support, so please click on the logo to the left to see how you can help make history!



Lymphology Association of North AmericaLymphology Association of North America

We're proud to be a premier sponsor of LANA, whose goal is to promote standards for lymphedema management and maintain certification for lymphedema professionals.



American Cancer Society - Making Strides Against Breast CancerMaking Strides Against Breast Cancer

Everyone knows that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, that's why for the second year now, Solaris employees have been honored to help make strides against breast cancer! We encourage you to make your own strides and visit the Making Strides or the American Cancer Society's sites.



Marilyn Westbrook Lymphedema Garment FundMarilyn Westbrook Garment Fund

The Marilyn Westbrook Garment Fund was created to help NLN patient members that need assistance with the purchase of their compression garment. For more information about the Marilyn Westbrook Garment Fund go to www.lymphnet.org.



National Lymphedema NetworkNational Lymphedema Network

The NLN, is an internationally recognized non-profit founded in 1988 that helps provide education and guidance to people living with lymphedema, medical professionals, and the general public.